By Lowell Weber Simon Goshawk, forty years old last week, medium height, a bit overweight, woke this morning to find he had no testicles. He yawned and reached down to scratch them and they weren’t there. No gaping wound, no ice pack with a note telling him they’d been harvested, no Frankensteinesque suture job, just […]


  By Peter Portelli Sally enters the room. She drops her handbag on the bed and heads straight for the walk-in closet. The soft, warm light of the closet spills into the bedroom. My favourite time of the day is coming next. Her tight black dress falls to the floor. She bends over to pick […]

The Invisible Woman

By Katy Goforth She rummaged through the console of the ancient red Toyota Tercel. The paint used to shine like a forbidden apple. Now it was a dull pink and wearing in spots. She could relate.  No name tag. Must have left it on her dirty uniform. Damn it. She wasn’t supposed to be working […]


  By Ali Mckenzie-Murdoch The card postmarked Paris is blank, but I know it’s from Viola. Her absence claws deep into my gut. I miss her smell. Roses, not violets. I miss the smudge of matt carmine lipstick on her lips and the silver strands in her ebony bob.  The press claimed Viola sported her […]


By Lindsey Crittenden We leave after breakfast, our shadows long over the gravel.  Sit in front, Eva insists. Single woman out with couple, I’m used to it.  Good thing, too, the way John zooms around bends, braking quick and sudden.  I keep my eyes straight ahead, the window cracked for air.  Through their small Colorado […]

The Endless Journey

By Alice Baburek The drive was tedious and nerve-racking. Snow and sleet fell heavy on the roads. Horns honked while people drove crazy, slipping and sliding through changing lights. Winter months in Ohio were treacherous. Another record-breaking storm. Alexandra Babek turned down the heat in the car. Beads of sweat lined her brow. She squinted […]

Love Louder Than Law

   By T. K. Howell Meet me under the railway bridge when the street lights flicker into life and we’ll head into the city and test the give of the night. I know this club with a light-up floor and a bass that thumps and thrums right through your chest. Let’s catch the train and […]

Moments in the Sun

                                               A Memoir by Adrianna Sanchez-Lopez My friend’s words invade memory plasma: We’re all just waiting for our moments in the sun. I tell her about blisters, about the temporal, about first memories […]

Metaphysical Donna

                             A Memoir by Leah Mueller Crouching beside Lake Michigan at two in the morning, I stared at the heaving water, sobbing about a guy I liked, or perhaps loved, or maybe had just fucked. A neighbor noticed me huddled over like […]


By Racheal Nye It happens so fast. One touch too many. One cry too loud. A toy that won’t stop singing. A dog who won’t stop begging for attention. A partner craving affection.  The room spins. The hair on my arm stands up. My ears buzz. My mind begins to race. My nipples are sore.  […]


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