God Maker

by Renuka Raghavan Your watch says half past ten as you look out to the Arabian Sea thinking of a different sunny seashore on the other side of the world, nursing your second gin and tonic at this Mumbai dive bar you overheard a tour guide suggest because it was famous for kebabs, spotting Bollywood […]

My Bones

by Russell Saunders My body casts absurd shadows on my bedroom walls as I stretch, squat, reach, lunge and roll. It hurts. I’m told it’s supposed to. If it’s not hurting, it’s not working, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll hurt more. So I make it hurt. I push the pain from bone to bone, […]

The Prevalance of Snow

by Darrell Petska Einar dreamt of snow sifting like flour through his evergreens—until a pounding at his door jolted him awake. His old joints objecting, he groped his nightstand for glasses and a flashlight and padded barefoot across his cold cabin floor. “Help me—” He let in a young woman, breathless and shivering from the […]

Elevator Girl

by Lisa Molina “Floor please?” She looks up at the tall man in the gray suit with the briefcase in his hand. “Uh,” Clears throat.“Four?” Pause. “Please?” Tentatively. Confused. The girl looks down from him to the numbers straight in front of her eyes, “Yes sir!” Her tiny left hand presses four, lighting it up. […]

Things Like This

by Kathleen Latham Maya caught the briefest glimpse of the creature—gray and ragged in the sideways glance of her headlights—before she felt the sickening bump under her left-side tires. First the front, then the back. “Oh,” she said. “Oh, god.” Her foot went from gas to brake and back again, wavering with uncertainty. She had […]


by Maureen Sherbondy Maddy left her sex drive somewhere—in a shoe box at the back of the giant closet, in a five-star hotel room in Atlanta, in her neighbor’s heart-shaped swimming pool. It was like this lately with everything. She left glasses on the oval coffee table, then forgot where she set them. After dropping […]


by Michael Kozart On Monday afternoon, Henry braked hard. Ordinarily, there was no traffic on the remote road, far from Santa Rosa where he worked. He rolled down the window, smelling smoke from distant wildfires and exhaust from a long line of cars. Clumps of trash hung like old fruit from willow trees beside the […]

Not Here

by Christopher Homer You find it strange how she opens the door to greet you. She smiles eagerly and touches your shoulder as you exchange inorganic pleasantries. Delicate fingertips, left shoulder. Smiles, added value. She holds your hand as she guides you to sit down on the couch. Slight tugging, right hand. She says, “Give […]

Noble Trouble

by Kaleb Tuttle My given name is not Malcolm Stone but my agent said it would be good for my career. So far, on the whole, she’s been right. I decide to drive all the way down Sunset to Laurel Canyon even though it would be faster to just hop on the 101. I do […]

First Sips

by Bekah Rossman Katie is bundled in her blanket, asleep in the crib. She is a good baby, quiet; I close her door and go to the kitchen. In the cabinet, there is vodka, gin, rum. I do not want rum, my mother’s drink, or gin, my father’s. There’s another bottle—Jim Beam. No one in […]


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