Perfect Day

by Mileva Anastasiadou The song hasn’t come up yet in his mind, the sun barely seen on the horizon, but he already knows, he knows the moment he opens up his eyes, he knows from the very beginning that music will play nonstop, he only hopes for a happy song. She wakes up beside him, rubs […]

Sweet and Sour

A memoir by Suzanne Siteman The lemon in my hand is light, but with an interior weight to it, as if the fruit and juice on the inside have a presence I can feel through my fingers, pushing against the skin, even before the flesh is broken. Lemon peel is in fact skin-like; pock-marked with […]

Half Baked Pot

by Nazia Kamali The lazy Sunday afternoon stretched into a quiet evening. Laila kept away the book she was reading and peered out the window. The sun was setting. Traces of saffron had started to sprout on the clear blue sky. She went to the small room adjoining the kitchen and sat cross-legged in front […]

Last Smile

by Yash Seyedbagheri When one glass of Merlot is depleted, reality gapes through the empty glass. There’s a sea of bills, empty apartments, ketchup-stained fridges, neighbors without faces and names, parties to which I’m not privy, childhood nicknames and sisterly I-love-yous thousands of miles away. All that on top of papers to grade, workshops to […]

The First Word

by Melissa Llanes Brownlee The wrong dress, floral and pink, worn to a failed interview for a school she will never be able to enter, dumped in the Goodwill box. The torn song sheet from a missed audition, because her mother forgot to pick her up, burned and buried behind the house. The portable cd […]

Nice Vampire Man

A Memoir by Michael Cannistraci It could have been the fangs or the black cape that made the police suspicious. It was a nice cape, with a flame-red silk lining that complemented my gray eye shadow and black lipstick.  It was October 1980.My girlfriend’s dad, Jim, owned three Arco gas stations spread out in the […]


by Chuck Teixeira Just before dawn, Mark Morelli threw himself on a rudderless sled and hurtled down the snow-covered hill that fell from the dead end of his street.  As he approached the bottom, sometimes he rolled off the sled.  But on his final run, he let the sled jump the wall of snow the […]

Frank Miller: The Man Who Hated His Legs

  By Ellyn Newman The pain wasn’t all that bad anymore. Frank Miller was sitting in his studio apartment staring at the stump on the end of his right leg. The dirty bandage was starting to fall off. His wound was almost fully healed and soon Frank would be able to try on a prosthetic. […]

Not with a bang but a rumble

by Jenny Woodhouse They were demolishing the old factory. As it disappeared, the heaps grew. Bricks, concrete, rubble. Waste not, want not, we thought. It would make useful hard-core for foundations; roadways for the new development. The old has to go so that the new can be created. As the site was flattened the heaps […]

How to be a Dutiful Daughter

  A Memoir by Karen Zey I phone my 87-year-old mother, steeling myself for the loop of complaints. The stingy servings of bland food at the residence. The stupid chair-exercise class she threatens to skip but never does. The crappy bingo caller who mumbles all the time and nobody, nobody can hear the numbers.  My sisters […]


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