The Sycamore Table

By Allison Walters Luther Just as the log falls to the axe, so must man. Johann mused upon that thought as he battled the large sycamore, hauled with much effort from the forest to the north. Anna had always wanted a large table born of a single piece of sycamore, sanded to a velvety smoothness, […]


By Sylvia Schwartz Gloria dipped her brush into a gallon of white paint and instead of guiding its bristles along the blue wall, she snapped her wrist, flinging splatters against the surface like a blank canvas she had yet to make peace with. “Take that.” Lines ran down the wall, drawing a demarcation between past […]


By charlotte lowell In Newtonian mechanics, space and time are absolute quantities.  When I stand with my fingertips at your shoulder, the distance between us is 24 inches and just that. When I text you and you do not reply, the space between my heartbeats is one second, flat. But relativity challenges these commonsense notions.  […]

Marietta Takes a Walk

By Rina Palumbo As she walked through the meadow, her shadow slicing the sunlit greenery, Marietta stopped, her eyes scanning the ground. Her long black hair, dressed hurriedly into a bun, was starting to loosen, and, just as she placed an offending strand behind her ear, she spotted it. To the right, partly obscured by […]

Look How Happy We Are

By Riley Winchester If you ever find yourself driving behind me, you’ll see it. My wife and I, we own a charcoal gray 2020 Kia Telluride. Maybe you’ve seen it. Maybe you’ve seen the stickers on the back. They were my wife’s idea. I always thought bumper stickers were corny, but that’s marriage for you. […]

Step Into His Shoes

By Natasha Bredle You stand on the platform of the A train. People hustle all around you, some lugging bags and suitcases, some tugging children along. Some brush against you as they rush by, and you feel their leather jackets and velvet coats and wool scarves and tasseled hats. But their faces are blurred, their […]

The Driftwood Redemption

 By Andrew Rodgers There would be other opportunities.  Definitely. Well, probably.  At least, that’s what Melissa kept telling herself to keep the dark thoughts at bay. If things didn’t work out this time… well, could they even stay together? What little money they’d started with was gone, and the remaining options weren’t great. There were […]

Invisible Pearl

By Sara Dobbie      Along the riverbank frogs croak as herons stand watch over the flowing currents, while sunshine dissipates the early morning fog. Swallows chirp in the thickets and squirrels dart across the grass. Inside her cottage, Pearl wakes up and rubs her eyelids. She peers from her window and watches the rays […]


By Izabela Ilowska Once certain words are spoken, you can’t take them back. But you can translate them into another language. Ungrateful, stubborn, controlling, self-absorbed, cold. This is just a list of adjectives. They seem abstract, they don’t hurt me. Their Polish equivalents, on the other hand, are more problematic, burdened with personal associations. I […]


By Yash Seyedbagheri I can’t pay my credit card because I used it to subsist on bare green TV dinners and Lays. I can’t bring my bank account positive, because I got fired. No thank yous or false promises. Just talk of metrics and severance. Severance, a word that evoked someone’s head rolling around, like […]


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