The Subway

By Gabby Iriarte Riding the subway taught me all I needed to know about people. It’s interesting if you actually pay attention. For instance, to my left is an old man with a wrinkled face and hands who sits, muttering nonsense to himself while swaying to a beat only he can hear. To my right, […]

Entertaining Angels

  By Franci Hepburn Anna squints: the street is clear, but something moves outside the garden gate. She jumps when the intercom bleats. ‘Yes?’ ‘Water, miss?’  She looks at the keyring on the table that reads: ‘For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something […]

Old Man’s Best Friend

  By Marcy Dilworth Body ablaze, Henry chokes and the ship lurches, throws him onto his side. Rogue waves strike like an open hand to the back, and a chunk of something rubbery and foul flies out of his panting mouth. He puzzles over the murmur of a TV game show and the icy disk […]

Burning Question

By Joe Giordano My first sensation was the smell of burning oil. Feeling flushed, I found myself squatting on a marble floor with my back against a fluted Ionic column inside a large room. On either side of me were stacked scrolls on shelves. Bearded men wearing draped garments were perusing the papyri, some reading […]


By Caryn Coyle You had to check, didn’t you?  Your damn curiosity gnawed at you, so that, when you finally remembered to check (because, obviously, you’ve thought of this often, but at the wrong time) you opened the glove compartment and now you can’t think about anything else. The insurance card you store there with […]

Floating in Place

By Kim Horner The isolation during the pandemic was torture for many people who lived alone. Erica wasn’t one of them. She felt a little guilty when she realized she was happier than she’d been in a long time. She was lucky to be able to transition to working from home.  And she loved not […]


By Kristina T. Saccone We never made out in the crypt because there was always someone there, around a corner, not sneaking but eerily quiet. I wasn’t sure if we avoided it because we worried about getting caught by the rector or just the possibility of a jump scare. Sean said it was too echo-y […]


By Lisa Lynn Biggar The Church of Redeeming love is in a strip mall between a dentist and a bank, sandwiched between those two large businesses, that of money and dental care, smiles and savings. There are two large green planters filled with bright red and pink plastic flowers on either side of the door, […]


By Vincent Barry I am thinking, perhaps, the fall hand-painted one, though the spring solid brass butterfly handcrafted to perfection is eye-catching, is it not? It is. Frankly, I am lost in the woods, I truly am. I mean I yearn for the perfect place to be loved, remembered, kept. In a ring? a bracelet? […]

Pink Moon of April

A Memoir by Adam Coulter One spring night in 1991, Don Carver knocked on the door of our house. “The mare’s delivern’ a foal,” he told my dad. “Thought the boy might like to see it.” The boy meaning me. I did want to see it. I was twelve years old and had never seen […]


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