By Mike Lee   The cafe bustled with the Saturday afternoon crowd, reading newspapers and drinking coffees and wines engaging in an endless din of conversation. Novels spoken, instead of composed on paper, stories never to be repeated.  I wondered about what those words were, just out of reach unheard, while I sat in a […]

A Chocolate and a Coffee

Joseph S. Pete Craig straddled the stool, hunched over the Formica bar top in the neon-lit 24-hour donut shop as the Talking Heads’ melancholic “This Must be the Place” played in the background, reminding him of all the times it drove him to tears when he was serving in Iraq. The veteran night reporter covered […]

Familiar Eyes

story by Andy Martin A fierce downpour pounded the pavement outside Birmingham International Airport and lashed against my windscreen. The rear lights of the car in front lit up, and a cloud of exhaust fumes gusted into the night air. Through the dissipating smoke I saw her walking towards me, dressed in a red coat. […]

Magic Moments

Story by Karen Becker They moved in syncopation with one another in a way that only long-time couples do. My envy at them spending a lifetime together warmed to the core, and that is what made it so spellbinding. They were an elderly pair, and perhaps not comfortable with technology. Instead of a phone to […]

The Clam

by Barry Green Abner once again worked late on Friday, trying to save himself from having to come in Saturday, this time to finish up his part of the annual report that was due Monday. He came close, but just grew too tired after 11 hours of work on that day. So, he headed home, […]


by Laura DiMartino She woke to in that in-between place where dream and mindfulness mingle. A pleasantly obscuring fog, not unlike the cool ground cloud that now drifted from the lake to obscure the trees and shrubs along the shore, robbing all color. Delores held her eyes closed for minutes longer, listening to the silence. […]

Flea Market

by Anita Kestin She loved flea markets. Looked for them wherever she went. Why? Because she loved seeing things she could turn into something else. A vase — well that could become a lamp. An abstract painting might look better hung on its side. The interesting dress fabric could be a great pillow– right? No, […]

Nothing Solved

story by Donald Hubbard It wasn’t Playboy or even Penthouse, it was a stack of really crummy nudie magazines that my Mom found under my bed, titles like Palm Companion and Born Slutty. No one ever claimed they read these publications for the articles because there wasn’t anything to read. I chose under the bed […]

Potato Soup

By Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump Ma always said it was because she liked potatoes, but I figured out pretty quickly that it was because that’s all that we had left by the end of the week. It became our Sunday night meal. Every week, ma would try and create something delicious from the stark naked potatoes, the […]

Storm Watch

by Alyx Barter The storm begins with a question. Drip? asks the sky. Drop, comes the reply, and then the rain comes. Cautiously at first, and then with increasing confidence, the clouds opening up like great doors and washing the earth below, scrubbing all color from the air until the world is wet and gray. […]


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