Postcard from Jonai

–Roopa Menon She came one winter morning with the mist. I remember the sky was the color of a smooth and glassy obsidian stone. My husband and two-year-old son were fast asleep when I rolled out of my bed and stumbled through the cold stone floor and opened the creaky wooden door that wailed like […]


By Jayna Locke On a day when the Spring sky is full of sun and promise, we visit our college friend, Marcel, at his house on an estuary near the sea. He greets us on the front porch, barefoot, in khaki shorts and a white t-shirt that flatters his tan — if it is a […]

The Father

By Nancy Gerber The sons resembled his wife, slender and fair with pale skin.  Both were athletes, attackmen on varsity lacrosse.  He watched, huge arms crossed against his chest, as Blake scored and tied the game.  The sun swept behind the clouds and he found himself thinking about his father, a bricklayer who left Naples […]


A Memoir by Kandi Maxwell This morning, a friend brought me a basket of figs. Organically grown in her backyard. Sweet and fleshy. Tender-firm, ready to eat. My husband, Lloyd, loves figs, but he is traveling and will miss the pleasure of the tree-ripened fruit. I want to save their freshness, but figs won’t wait.  […]

Stolen from the Sea

by Shirley Dees We fell in love in the ocean.  “Supposed to be decent action today,” you said. Your hair glistened in the striking sun as the waves rocked us between the depths of the sea and the shallow shores.  “Hope so,” I answered. A single afternoon stolen from the onslaught of crazy days. I […]

In the Mournful Supermarket

by William Doreski In the mournful supermarket the meat looks stripped from auto wrecks, the milk has yellowed to sulfur, the baked goods could anchor yachts. I browse with an empty shopping cart while people around me, still panicked by the recent plague, snatch up canned beans and packages of dry pasta. I want to […]

The Neighborhood

by Deborah Diemont Mitch brought over a Ziplock of his wife Joanne’s homemade lemon bars to say thanks for the jar of pesto I’d left on their doorstep to say thanks for when Mitch mowed our lawn when my husband Raúl’s back went out.  Raúl set an aloe vera plant on Mitch and Joanne’s front […]

Tranquility Room

by Don Tassone Bill Armstrong looked down at his ringing cell phone.  Spam.  He got up and turned off the TV, then sat back down and opened his laptop.  The email icon at the bottom of the screen showed 43 new messages. “Damn!” he said. “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now.  Please try […]

In My Mind

by Tim Frank “Walking down a pathway beside a canal at night, I saw a red moon reflected in the water. In a clearing, tramps stood around a bonfire and the smell of piss and burnt rubber made me gag. Then on the train I sat opposite a gang of chanting football fans with alcohol […]

455 Damon Street

by Jeffrey Marshall What kind of house can you buy for $5,000? I was about to find out. The house sat forlorn – though that’s probably the wrong word, if that implies isolation. It was one among perhaps twenty in an ordered row on a straight street, all roughly the same size. Most were clapboard; […]


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