Russ Allison Loar


“Where is the doorway to eternity? Where do you enter? Think on these things and we will continue our discussion next time,” the self-proclaimed self-help guru said at the end of the two-hour class: “Finding What You Never Lost,” held at the community senior center.

The guru climbed into his car and as he was backing out of the parking space he heard a familiar scraping sound and knew his front fender had again caught on a parking lot bumper.

He shifted into park and climbed out of his car to push the left end of his ragged plastic fender back into place. He’d done this many times before.

 “I ought to get it fixed,” he thought, but his income as a local guru and Social Security recipient was of a temporal nature.

“I am but a humble creature of the Earth,” he thought as he tried to open the car door. The car was still running and somehow, he’d locked himself out. “This is going to be embarrassing,” he contemplated.

Russ Allison Loar has written for numerous newspapers and magazines including news and feature stories for the Los Angeles Times. (Byline: Russ Loar.)

He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Cal State Long Beach and completed graduate studies in American Literature at Cal Poly, Pomona.

His most recent poetry and prose publications include Abstract Magazine, the Evening Street Review, the Bryant Literary Review, the Coffin Bell Journal, the Ravens Perch and the anthology: Heart Of A Man.

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