The Girl Who Wants To Be A Star


 by Amanda Ashley Greenberg

Eloise Frank always knew that she wanted to be a comedian. Her favorite comedian of all time was Mel Brooks. Problem is, she didn’t know how to tell a joke. In the school library, she found a book called “How to Tell a Joke in Twenty Minutes.” She spent a couple of hours reading the book, but didn’t learn anything.

After a month of reading joke books, Eloise tried to create her own jokes. She came up with a joke, “Why did the mountain quake?” “It felt scared.” When she tried to tell her joke to her friends and teachers, they just made a face and walked away. This only made Eloise try even harder to make them laugh. On the bus each day after school, she told a joke. “Why did the cow moo?” “It wanted a moo shake.” At the supermarket, she told jokes to the stock people. “What do you call a rotten egg?” “Over cooked.” When she went to basketball practice, she tried her jokes on her teammates, but nobody laughed.

Her parents took her to a kid’s stand-up comedy show hoping to get her ideas. She got to meet a comedian, but sadly Eloise didn’t think she was funny. A week after Eloise went to the comedy show, Eloise’s school announced that there was going to be a talent show April 5th. Eloise had one month to learn how to make people laugh. Every weekend her parents took her to comedy shows.

A month of studying flew by before she came up with a joke of her own. “Why did the banana feel so sad?”  “It had split into a banana split.” The very next day she ran all around her school, telling her friends and teachers that she had a funny joke to tell. They all shook their heads, not believing her.

On April 5th when she woke up for school, she walked downstairs. “Today’s the big day.” Eloise tried to shout, but only a hoarse voice came out. Her mom made her a bowl of tomato soup. After she slurped it up, her voice came back.

At the show when it was her turn to perform on stage, a little boy in the front rowaved at her. She smiled widely, starting to tell her joke. “Why was the banana sad?”

“Why?” The whole crowd called out. “It had a splitting headache.”

The whole crowd laughed.  A smile spread across Eloise’s face.  She was happy to finally be able to make people laugh. She waved at the audience and ran off the stage. 

*  *  *

Amanda Ashley Greenberg grew up on Long Island, NY, in a town called Oceanside. She has always said that when you write a magical world opens, it up filled with endless stories.

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