Up There

by Matthew Berg

             I nearly lost my head, literally. Let me go back. I was touring a factory, looking over equipment as the plant manager showed me around (this was a new job), when suddenly a piece of equipment snagged my head (more specifically my piece). I felt my head begin to pull upwards until what held my hair in place broke and a breeze was felt. It was then I realized I lost my hair (and this was confirmed by my now airborne hair being carried away!). I panicked…at first; then I looked around at employees laughing, and the nearby manager trying not to laugh but failing miserably.

           After many hours of struggling to get it free of the machine it was released. I went to a nearby bathroom, looked in a mirror, and felt horribly embarrassed until I looked at my head and realized how much better I appeared without hair up there. From then on I shaved what was left up there and went bald. At first I was teased by other co-workers, and many had a good laugh about it for a while, and then they realized there was more to me than the hair that wasn’t up there; it was funny though (the more I think of it now).

* * *

Matthew Berg is a renaissance man: follower of Jesus, husband, father and working writer from the Midwest now living in the South.

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