Entertaining Angels


By Franci Hepburn

Anna squints: the street is clear, but something moves outside the garden gate. She jumps when the intercom bleats.


‘Water, miss?’ 

She looks at the keyring on the table that reads: ‘For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger, and you invited me in.’

Pressing the button on the wall with her elbow, she wipes her hands on her apron. The gates open slowly, letting the man into the garden. Then he stands in front of her suddenly, unshaven with a watering can in his hands. The front door screeches as she unlocks the security doors.

‘Come on in.’

The man looks around, wipes his forehead and takes off his hat.

Anna knows her husband would have a fit if he knew she let a stranger in. Just last week, there was a murder in the area. In the kitchen, she slides a soft drink and a cupcake towards the man. He sits down at the table, following her prompts. Looking at the floor, he nibbles on the cupcake and sips the drink. Then he stands up, moving towards her.

‘Can I have water, miss?’

‘But I’ve just given you …?’ 

‘I just wanted your hose to fill the can.’

                                         *   *   *

Franci Hepburn is an artist and writer of flash fiction. She enjoys creating characters in all forms. Franci teaches Art at a secondary school in Perth Hills, where she lives. She has published her work in Cafelit magazine this year. Franci writes in English, her second language.

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