Having Shed My Stripy Larvel Pajamas

By Karen Walker

I’m meeting William at The Milkweed Cafe in a little black dress and new bra. 

My daughter, hoping I’d fly again after divorce, chose him. His pic—posing among lesser wildflowers, a country manor in the distance—oozed confidence. He’s a bloomin’ gentleman! Perfect for you, Mum.

Her advice: Only tell him your username—Butterfly. Otherwise, he’ll pin you as desperate.

My antennae go up. That’s him. If a bit wilted. Weedier and more grey than the profile.

Rooted to the floor, William fiddles with his flowery tie. Hello. Call me Bill.  

Gulp. Flit. I alight beside him. I’m Daphne.

                                                                      *   *   *

Karen writes short fiction and flash fiction in a basement in Ontario, Canada. Her work is in Reflex FictionRetreat WestDefenestrationFunny PearlsUnstamaticThe Disappointed Housewife, Blank SpacesBandit FictionSledgehammer, Five Minute Lit, Sundial Magazine, and others. 

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