By Michele Rule

I hate it when the sun gets up too early. Creep of light through the  curtains. Tentative birdsong – sparrows – damn those cheerful things. Ginger cat jumps on my night-full bladder. Stomach grumbles insistently, demanding sustenance. I pull the covers over my head but it’s too late – I’m awake.

                                                               *   *   *

Michele Rule is a disabled poet from Kelowna BC. She is especially interested in the topics of chronic illness, relationships and nature. Michele is published in Pine Cone Review, Five Minute Lit, Pocket Lint, WordCityLit, the Lothlorien, and the anthologies Spring Peepers, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Poets for Ukraine, among others. She is an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets. Michele’s first chapbook is Around the World in Fifteen Haiku. She lives with two sleepy dogs, two cats and a fantastic partner. Find Michele on Instagram at 

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