Her Memory

By Joe Scuderi

I wish I could walk again along Porter St., and see my friend sitting on her porch. Every day her memory tries to fade, to slowly tatter, an old shirt left on the line, never retrieved. But I hold her memory closely now, as closely as I once held her. 

                                                                       *   *   *

Joe lives in South Jersey farm country with his wife and kids. Though he’s not a farmer, it’s been a good place to raise kids. He has two chapbooks to his credit, “The Injun Joe Dream Book,” and “Songs of Avatar,” published by Mary and Donald Brown’s Gypsy Press in Philly, but that was a few years ago. His claim to fame is that for ten years he was Poet-Bouncer at the greatest art bar Philly ever had, Joe Tiberino’s Bacchanal Club

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